Year 4

the rock poem

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This is my poem about rocks

Some rocks are small some rocks are tall.Some rocks are fat and some rocks are flat.

some rocks are nobly some rocks are smooth.

AND THAT WAS MY ROCK POEM                                     bY EVE BLEASDALE


the school poem

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is for all the homework the give us,

O  is for the juicy oranges  we have a lunch,

R  is for the running and jumping and skipping we do at break,

W  is for the work we have,

I  is for the lovely ice cream we have a lunch,

 is for the wonderful church we have,

 H  is for the hard work i do every day,

P  is for the lovely pupils in my class ,

A is for the awesome art we do in are class,

R is for the good religen,

I is for the good imigenation,

S is for the  silly pupils in my class,

H is for the  wonderful history lessen.


Y4 survey

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We want to hear your views. Please can everyone in Year 4 complete our Y4 pupil survey.

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How the Victorians relaxed (by Lewis 4g)

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Victorian workers loved to go and watch their favourite football club like Bolton Wanderers who were founded in 1874 as Christ Church FC (football club).

On Sunday afternoons many people used to walk in the park where brass bands used to play (they still do today).  Many Mill owners payed for brass bands to have instruments so their workers would be happy.

Humphrey Davey invented the saftey lamp to stop the gas blowing up in the coal mines.


Sam in Singapore ( By Sam)

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Hi,hope all of you are having a great Easter! Now i’m in Singapore  for a holiday.It is a very clean and  beautiful city with lots of tall building and colorful park. My Mum,Dad,Daniel and  me went on a Duck Tour (it is a Bus that can float on water) which went around the City at first and later on the water called Marina Bay   like a river cruise.Yesterday,i did like the Zoo and Jurang bird park where lots of colorful birds. We also went to Sentosa Island . we had a wonderful time there. I and my brother Daniel enjoyed the best in The Universal studios because we went on lots of ride and also watched 4D movies .Later we played and splash on the sea.At evening we watched songs of the sea animation. At night we went out to Boat Quay for our dinner, where you can have or choose so many different countries  foods. My Mum had a chiilli crab thats she loved in Singapore. We want to come again to see and do more. It was my best holiday because it was my special 9th Birthday present from mummy and daddy. wish I could come again and stay for longer to see more. Tomorrow,we are going to  ride on skyline(Like London Eye,Singapore one is  the biggest wheel in the world now) ,cable car and museum. After tomorrow we are flying back to Macau then cross the border to China where my daddy’s apartment.


What is was like for the Victorian children who worked in factories{By Jessica}

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Back in the Victorian times it would be horrible to work in a factory  because children about six or seven would have to climb under a massive machine what would make woolen cloth and  all the wool that fell on the floor, the children would have to go under the machine and pick all the wool on the floor. But if they were not quicker nuf  they might just get hit, also they would have loads of cuts on their back and knees because the floor would be really rough. Even some times if the children were not even slower they might get hit and die under the machine so that meant there parents would be very up set. As and when the owner of the factory would whip the children until they were black and blue all over the back of there legs if they wanted the children to be even quicker picking the wool off the floor. That is what it was like for a child to work in a factory in the Victorian times.


In 75-100 words can you tell me what it was like for a child to grow up in Victorian times.

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What do you know about the Victorian period? What would you like to know? Please post your comments

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My Book (By Charlie M)

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Title :  Matilda.

Author :  Roald Dahl.

Illustrator :  Quentin Blake.

Winner Of The Children’s Book Award.

Voted By Children As Their No.1 Favourite Book.


Being ill (by Ellie)

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Snotty noses, coughs and colds,

Wet tissues – I’ve used loads,

I have no energy,

I have no strength,

All day in my jimmies,

On the couch – full length.


Trying to sleep but cannot breathe,

All I do is sneeze.

Please God help me get better,

Just in time for the Easter egg hunt,

So I can write about it and my pencil will be blunt!